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A big thank you - 240 LS Conversion

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Dropped the trans. for a few Sonnax updates and a TCI converter.  Added a heat shield barrier to the trans tunnel and exhaust area to help with the heat soak inside the cabin.  The trans shifts much better...  Quick and firm.  Good uprade, well worth the effort.







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I built this car because of my Dad and the memories I have as a kid.  The car is a '73 - Dad bought it in '74.  As a kid I would ride in the back (sitting straight) and my sister would as passenger up front.  Both my sister and I learned to drive a manual transmission in this car. 


I was able check something off the bucket list this summer - Get my Dad's Datsun running again and spend a few days with him on a road trip.  I picked him up in Texas - we spend 4 days on the first leg of the 2016 Hot Rod Power Tour starting in Lousiana.  We both had a blast. 


During the trip Dad saw his old car do 1/4 mile fun runs in Baytown, TX.  I ran 3 times, ironically staging against 2 different Hellcats on 2 of 3 runs.  Wasn't sure how it would shake out but was pleasanly surprised winning all three races.  The best ET was 12.66.


I clocked 3,500 miles from door to door without troubles.  I was super happy Dad made the trip - we both enjoyed the car together once again.  







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