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Exposed's 1jz Build

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18 hours ago, Exposed said:

so currently have the car at the shop that's going to be tuning it, has anyone run into not enough/ low spark before?


I ran into it on a different engine. Bought a hks DLI and that solved it. For these cars though it could be due to cracks in the boot on the coil, or just an old worn out coil. Could also be too much spark plug gap.


If it's none of the above and you're shopping for coils there are a ton of aftermarket solutions for people on stand alone ecu's. Everything from R35 GTR coils to GM truck coils, even Mercury Marine coils have been used on these motors.

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I'll ask the shop to check the gap on my plugs, coils are less than a year old, I double checked them before I sent the car to the tuner but I'll ask them to check this as well. They're thinking its the wiring pin out, upon searching for some answers I think I may have found something. I purchased my harness from wiring specialties roughly two years ago, I found a video on youtube from wiring specialties titled "repinning Jz connector" that was posted a year ago. I contacted them and they said that the video applys to "the first couple of harnesses had ignition pin off by 1 pin. If the car ran, you are all good." I figure it doesnt hurt to check.


I also asked the tuner about just switching out for smart coils, he recommended finding whats causing the issue before switching them out though.

Appreciate the speedy response Geno. @Geno750 where did you get your AEM coil plate from?

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It would be better to figure out what is going on before just throwing parts at it. Visually firing coils using an inline spark tester is super easy and will answer soooo many questions.


I went with the 1ZZFE smart coils. They are awfully tall, but they throw a good spark, cheap, and available used or new. 



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