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Looking to buy L24, L26 or l28 with carbs to swap in to 78 810 wagon

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Hi! I got a datsun 810 wagon for free with a broken engine (severe pitting i cyl no.3 needs bore to fix)   so i was thinking i might just swap in a carbed engine from a z car . Im guessing it would fit?


boring and and new pistons etc will easily set me back $1000+ usd here in norway so i was hoping i might be better off just swapping . Coulnd find any complete engines on ebay at the moment so i thought i might ask here if anyone knew of engnies for sale or a place that sell them and are willing to ship it to norway.


pics of the car.


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I have a L26 with 4 speed tranny and SU carbs.. all original.  Engine ran well, trans was very rough.


Also have a LS1 with Hawkes straight headers, motor mounts and a T56 with a conversion kit if you want.....a bit more than your 1000 though....

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