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Pegasus Roll Bar

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The Pegasus bar is the Krik Racing roll bar.  The S&W 8 point roll bar is dangerous in a side impact - its meant for drag racing only.  Those unsupported door bars will help crush your sides and ribs in a side impact.

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That walkaround had me at Dickbutt. I have the earlier (pictured in video) autopower rollbar in my Z. all 4 points tie to the wheel wells, not strut towers or frame rails. I doubt it will help a lot in a roll over scenario, but it makes for a fantastic rear brace to stiffer the chassis:




You can see the screenshot I took from the video, both points anchor to wheel well. The original post's rollbar looks to have tie-ins to the floor boards and wheel wells, which is likely better. 

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While I'm not sure what the Pegasus bar looks like, (the website pic looks generic and not application specific) I can give my input on a couple others. The autopower bar with the diagonal brace limits the travel of the seats, even though MSA says it doesn't. I am only 6.0, and with stock seats it would have been too cramped for me. The base plates were not formed or welded to the bar properly. There would have been gaps. (useless) Or it would have tried to pierce the fender well when sandwiched together. In hindsight, the car is too small to need a 2" bar anyways. I was pretty disappointed with it and just sold it at a loss.


Next I ordered a Chris Alston rollbar kit. (probably very similar to the [email protected]) The main hoop fit the roofline very well. but the bases were directly in front of the seatbelt pockets, and to get it back far enough for me to fit, I had to build up the floor so the hoop could attach to something somewhat flat. The rest of the kit was literally a box of tubing. Everything had to be cut and notched to fit. It was a lot of work, but I am happy with the results.


The car is street legal (ish), but only sees 1/4 mile duty since I don't trust all the distracted drivers these days. I did run the door bars and while it really stiffened the old flexible flyer up, it is a pain in the ass the get in and out of. Not for daily use, or maybe I'm just old. 


If you are concerned with seat travel, or seatbelt location, you might want to ask questions before pulling the trigger. And MSA will lie. Just my .02.

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