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I am very excited to start my 240 v8 project. Over this past summer I acquired two 1971 chassis's. One was a former race car and the other completely stock. I am going to build a race car with blinkers and a 377 stroker in it. The race car is not really a street option. I have already swapped the coil over suspension. I am currently in the process of rebuilding the disc brakes. Which are the aluminum ap racing ones. I will start on the roll cage after the first. The list is long but exciting. Having a stripped chassis is very nice for the build I am doing.  The only original parts needed are glass, door crank assemblies, and turn signals. Everything else will be aftermarket or fabricated. I have a built 4 speed race transmission. It started life as a Muncie but is now mostly aftermarket. Just not sure If there is a suitable gear ratio for that combo. I have enjoyed reading the post on here.post-51593-0-92968500-1450819270_thumb.jpgpost-51593-0-22052600-1450819294_thumb.jpg

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