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1977 280Z with RB25DET swap project.

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Hello, new to this site and just bought my second Z. First one is a summer daily driver 1983 280zx that has suffered too many Michigan winters.


However, I got this 280Z from Florida and am excited to get it restored and ready for driving. Looking for any feedback, tips, pointers, opinions, hints. Basically anything anyone cares to suggest as from reading several threads the people here have a very vast base of knowledge on Z cars.


Thank you for any help and happy driving!

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Welcome to the forum!


For starters, it might help to know a bit more about the condition of the car as well as what your plans are for the car. Not trying to give you crap or anything, just a suggestion that will help other members be more helpful to you. For instance: is there rust? What kind of mods have been done to it? Do you plan to restore it to some degree, use it as a track car, or is it just a fun project for you to tinker on? Etc.


Also there is a lot of great info here about RB swapped Z's as well as all aspects of the S30 chassis already. Take the time to brows or search through some of the posts to get a feel for what is already out there. Almost everything has been covered at one point or another, so asking general knowledge questions right away will often return replays like "use the search feature" from forum members. Not that these members are trying to give you crap or are purposefully trying to be unhelpful, but many get tired of rehashing the same exact topic over and over when a quick search of the forum would likely return the answers you seek.


That being said; if searching the forum has not yielded the answers you need, then please ask. There are loads of knowledgable and helpful folks on here that would gladly help you out. Just be sure to give plenty of details about your question and/or issues to best facilitate the other members in giving you help.


Again, not trying to criticize, just giving you some suggestions to help you have the best experience possible on the forum.




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