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Wheel Tire fitment on STOCK 260z suspension??!! Please help my newbie-ness

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AS the title states… I'm trying to figure out what size wheel and tire I can fit on my 1974 260z with STOCK suspension. Before I posted this I searched thread after thread and have only been able to find fitment clearances post suspension upgrades whether it be coil overs or different springs. 


I have quite a bit of work to do on my Z, however I feel like it deserves a little something something for now so I was looking at purchasing some 16x8 XXR 531 wheels(zero offset).    I know they're not the best quality but I can't stand the Iron Cross wheels that my car is sitting on.

So I was wondering

1.)  Is it possible to run 16x8s on all 4 corners without issues? I've heard mixed answers both yes and no

2.) How wide of a tire would I be able to fit in the rear and front without any issue?

3.) Could I fit 245 or larger in the rear?


Seriously thank you guys for any help


As to why I chose the 531s….. I really like the look of CCW classics….CCW Classics are super expensive…..XXRs are incredibly cheap as we speak these ones are on sale. I could pick up the entire set for $460 shipped  $380 if I liked gold lol. Plus I'll have a little more clearance for bigger brakes and such plus it will at least make it look a bit better. I'm planning some mild power figures but not for quite a while so once I go bigger I'll get higher quality wheels


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