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240z Driveshaft/Halfshafts/Sway Bars/Steering/Grilles/Interior Parts

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Wanted to update my parts list in order to get some of this stuff moving.  Cut some prices and added a few more items for sale.  PM/email me if you have any questions about a particular part or would like to see additional pictures.  Prices do not include shipping.  I will ship most items or you can pick up in Tacoma, WA. 



Chris [email protected]



240z R180 Half Shafts $40post-12956-0-00287900-1456340591_thumb.jpg

240z Drive Shaft $50 post-12956-0-10850000-1456340603_thumb.jpg



280z Steering Column Powder Coated $75 SOLDpost-12956-0-33892200-1456340615_thumb.jpg

240z Tension Control Rods (powder coated black) $25post-12956-0-79695000-1456340631_thumb.jpg

240z MSA Rear Sway bar (no hardware) $80 $50 SOLDpost-12956-0-05019800-1456340659_thumb.jpg

240z 1" Front Sway Bar w/poly bushing kit $125 $100 SOLDpost-12956-0-70585000-1456340688_thumb.jpg



240Z Kick Panels OEM $20 $15 SOLDpost-12956-0-32147800-1456340704_thumb.jpg

240z Interior Dog Leg Panels Red OEM $50 $40post-12956-0-37192500-1456340731_thumb.jpg

240z Overhead Roof Panel Black OEM $40 $30

240z Interior Tail Light Panel Black OEM $75 $60post-12956-0-00270200-1456340718_thumb.jpg

240Z Sun Visor Set Red OEM $125 $100post-12956-0-10078300-1456340764_thumb.jpg

240Z Heater Motor OEM $50 $35post-12956-0-73763800-1456340795_thumb.jpgpost-12956-0-81966800-1456340812_thumb.jpg

72 240z Stock Radio $25 SOLD

240z Glove Box Cardboard New $30 $20post-12956-0-53369100-1456340825_thumb.jpg



240z Passenger Door window trim $40 $30

240z Front Grille OEM $50 Each SOLDpost-12956-0-14720000-1456340774_thumb.jpg




Two Row Harmonic Balancer OEM $30post-12956-0-63291900-1456340841_thumb.jpg

Assorted Water Pump Pulleys OEM $20 eachpost-12956-0-30653400-1456340850_thumb.jpg

280z Cooling Fan and Clutch $75 $40post-12956-0-80535300-1456340860_thumb.jpg

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