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240z suspension bits and R200 4.11 diff

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240z suspension parts, less then about 1000 miles or so on them.


Would rather keep the units intact and would rather deal locally unless buyer wants to pay for shipping, I would be hesitant to ship the differential. It weighs nearly 100lbs including the half shafts and would nee a dedicated bin as cardboard will not keep this item intact. I have a few interested parties, but would really prefer to deal locally.


I bought all these parts new and the history can be tracked on my build thread on here. I pulled these because I was tired of setting them back up. After pulling I realized there are plenty of holes on the top and bottom to secure the spring so it doesn't need to be manually set. I have zip ties holding it all together right now, I also have a stack of steel CV boot ties that I can toss in for a more permanent setup.


Front uprights $250:

MSA camber tops

KYB Blue gas shocks

280z tokico springs cut via Johnc's write up

Cleaned, wire brushed, painted



Rear uprights+control arms $275:

MSA camber top

KYB gas shocks

280z tokico springs cut via Johnc's write up

Cleaned, wire brushed, painted

Nissan quest studs

Stub axles don't seem to be bad (no visible wobble or excessive noise, one side looks to have potentially been replaced, wrench marks on axle nut)



Front control arms SOLD

555 ball joint

Energy Suspension Polyurethane bushing

Welded pivot fork

Sandblasted, painted



Tension arms $25: (pending....)

G-machine ball/socket joint (teflon joint on one side is cracked)

New rubber bushing

Cleaned, wire brushed, painted



Rear differential SOLD


4.11 from a 200sx, opened and checked to confirm

Welded spider gears

Rear cover gasket replaced on reassembly

Half shafts included

Has 70-90w fluid in it.

Doesn't whine or anything

Cleaned, brushed, painted.

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