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PALLNET Throttle body spacer kit

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Brought back from the dead.

I’m turning a few 60mm TB spacers for the L6 Datsun Z 60mm TB conversion. I’m not sure how many of these I will produce, it all depends on how many of you need them. I'm making them in small batches for now. I used to make these back in the day and to this day I get emails about them. This is not a group buy, I have some on the shelf ready to ship and others that are on my bench ready for machining.

Included in the kit:
1 Lexan throttle body spacer
1 Datsun throttle body gasket
1 240SX throttle body gasket
4 Stainless mounting bolts
4 Stainless wave locking washers.




I ship ANYWHERE in the world that will accept packages from the USA.


Contact me for details. [email protected]



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Sorry, forgot.


$40.00 Purchased with one of my fuel rail kits.

$45.00 By itself shipped in the USA

$?? International shipping quoted upon email request. Price depends on the region.




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I'm sorry everyone. I know I haven't been on hybridZ very much lately. Yes I'm still around and I'm still making fuel rails and TB spacer kits. None of that has changed,
The part that has changed is Facebook has become the place to be because of all the groups. I'm on many of the Z groups and I can easily be reached through there or you can email me if you need my services.
Send me a PM on here or email if you want my name to add me to your friends list on Facebook.

[email protected]

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