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Feeler gauge brand recommendation?

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Unless your wanting to spend a bunch of money just buy ones from a parts store. They aren't that special. Now if you do alot of valve adjustments like I do and get fed up with fanning out the feeler gauges to find the right size you buy a set like this. They come in a vinyl pouch and each one has its own spot. Much faster. But alot of money to adjust the valves on your  L6 every few years. http://www.ebay.com/itm/5XU51-Feeler-Gage-Set-20-PC-/381017937215?hash=item58b670553f:g:HwkAAOSwxp9W2O4Y

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Ah good to know John. Do you have any recommendations on a micrometer? Or any other measuring tool brand? I've been looking for a good set. The names I keep seeing are Mitutoyo, Starrets, and B&S. Prices are a bit steep for my uses, but I'd prefer a tool that actually worked.

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