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Any Canadians Here?

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I've been lurking around here for a little while, figured it's about time to put a post down and add some visibility to my Z. 


First off, I'm out in the Kitchener/Waterloo Region in Ontario, Canada. I think there's a handful of old Z cars up here.


Second, I bought my 280Z last summer have been working on it gradually since then. It's got a 305 SBC V8 in it which makes a wonderful sound, and I've been slapping cosmetic mods onto it non stop. This summer I hope to get new wheels, flares, and suspension and lower the thing.


Third, here's a picture.




Cheers, if you're the trendy type you can keep up to speed on the car on my instagram account:


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I think you attend this event this coming August, you'll discover there are more Z's around you than you can shake a stick at! (never understood that expression, but I like the sound of it!)

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is there a west coast club?


There is, but It's just getting going again.




And on Face Book.




Some of the West Coast Z car members hang out on " The 510realm " . The " Shoe Box " gang  even invites us " Pointy Nose " brethren  to cruises, BBQ's and Autocross events. A wealth of info there:



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i`m from montreal...   welcome.


I`m looking for people around mtl myself, I'd like to know what's around me (us) in terms of people and places who can help us Z owners and tuners.


If you ever come around mtl with your car, PM me, I'd love to see it!



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