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Z31T Axle Inner CV Boots

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I am looking for some part numbers for the inner and outer CV boots.  I do believe I've found what I need off of RockAuto.com but the inner boot shows it is gray.  Are there any available BLACK inner boots for the CV's?  Have a "kit" that comes with the circlips would be preferred.  


Outer CV Boot

 - Beck/Arnley #1033018


Inner CV Boot - This is the one I am struggling with.

 - Dorman #614002


There may be vendors out there that carry replacments but most of their sites are extremely vague and provide no data or pictures.  Any help would be appreciated.



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I did some searching on this for my own project about 2 months ago. All the after market parts places I checked listed universal boots, and if they did list OE fit they weren't available. Nissan showed them for $75! but that's too much for a piece of rubber and some grease. I would say go to your local parts place and ask them if you can look through their boots. Take your old one and try and find one that is close.

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I hate to leave this thread open ended like 95% of threads on every forum.


This is what I ended up doing...Here are the Dorman part numbers for what is needed.


Inner CV Boot - #614-002

Outer CV Boot - #614-001


I brought both of these home to rebuild my axles and I didn't like the look of the gray CV boot.  In a sense the boots are about the same damn thing.


I ended up using 4 outer CV boots.  That is the part number #614-001.  These fit just fine with a little persuasion.  These fit really tight around the MM or Chequered Flag Joe half axles but this is a good thing.  Really, no clamps are needed there.



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