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New member from Glendale (Phoenix) AZ

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Hello and thank you for letting me become a member. I'm an old (read that OLD) retired hot rodder. Had mostly American muscle type cars but I had an '89 Turbo Supra and loved it. I've been into turbocharging for quite a while having owned three factory built turbos ('89 turbo Supra, '91 Dodge Spirit R/T turbo, and '87 Buick Turbo T-Type), built a 1065 crank horsepower '73 Pontiac Trans Am, and now and am presently building a 1963 Pontiac full sized Catalina "Gasser" style street strip twin turbo behemoth.

I came here because I really like the '90 to '96 style Z32 platform and want to get a turbo model. I would not mind building on the original V6 but really rather have a V8. The Catalina can fulfill my needs for all out horsepower and wow factor, but I want an all around daily driver type car that I can jump into, take anywhere, park anywhere, but enjoy the heck out of it when I'm driving it.

I want to see what others are doing, I'm a stickler for details so I want to learn as much about the Z32 platform for swaps as much as I can, and be prepared as I go into swap mode.

My only disappointment in the Z32 is the higher weight of the platform compared to the first Z's. But a daily type driver with a good power plant will over come the weight, and be fun to drive. And from everything I've been able to read and digest so far, the Z32 platform is a crazy good base to start with.

So, again thank you for adding me in and lets get reading.



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Hey Mark!!

Welcome!! Can't wait to see what your plans are!


Also, you should join Desert Datsuns, it's a local PHX Z club, lot of guys there know their stuff.. we do meets and drive and everyone I have meet is very cool!!


I swapped a V8 into my 280 so I'm more than willing to help out along with advise if needed!



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Thanks for the heads up on the Desert Datsuns club. Once I finalize my plans, especially if I commit to getting a 300zx, I'll check in on them. It's always a good thing to connect with like minded/passion-ed people that can smooth the waters when you are getting into new waters. I assume they would also have inside tracks on cars available and their histories. That's a big plus. Again thanks Adam.   

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