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1977 280z w/rb25det s2 swap

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Just tried agian and the link doesnt like working so I've copy pasted the CL ad. 


I have a bunch of parts for sale from building my RB25DET powered Datsun 280z and need to get them sold off now that the car is gone. 

I have S30's

The plastic bezels for the amber grill lights for a 260z and 280z - $30

A complete set of heat shielding for the master cylinder for 260z and 280z - $30

A good vacuum accumulator tank for the HVAC on 240z 260z and 280z - $40

280z speedometer (should work in other s30's too) $50

Volt and fuel level gauge for 240z 260z and 280z - $50

Rear control arm for all s30 right or left - $80

280z AC Condensor - $50

RB25 parts:

Factory working fuel pressure regulator - $40

AC compressor - $65

AC Compressor mounting bracket - $40

Ignition Coil cover - $10

Q45 upgrade throttle body - Sold

Engine mount castings - $20

Z32 300zx MAF Mass Airflow Meter - $60

I'm willing to combine and work deals for what ever you need. I have AC hard lines for a 280z also, and a bunch of hardware for bothe 280z and RB25. 

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Yup, beat me to it to post on here haha.


Ive since gotten the gauges all sorted and built ebrake adapters for the rear disks, so thats all taken care of too.


It also now has a front splitter that runs back behind the core support, which was a nice little addition for looks and function.


If people are interested at the new price point let me know!


I know it's been a year.. Are you still selling this? I PM'ed you

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