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2016 Z Nationals

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Z1 Motorsports is back again this year with the Z Nationals, if you want a good time and to see some serious Z's both on the track or posing at the car show then this is one of the Z events to see.


this year the track day is going to be at Road Atlanta, definitely a world class track and one which you need to have the serious Race Face on for.


October 14-15


Let the smack talking begin!





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I'm committed to the GA 1/2-mile Sep 17-18 with EasTNz to get him to use his turbo LS1 for more than grocery-getting. Then Sep 30-Oct2 for the Ohio Mile, which is my chance to try out a new spring rate and slotted crossmember. Second daughter will be in first semester at Auburn so I'm gonna be bound up a little by Auburn football calendar and a mama whose youngest daughter just left home (expecting a little Prozak and lotta Kleenex may be required this year). I hope to look at calendar with the Mrs some time today to see if I can pull off this many events in such short order without her finally calling a lawyer. I guess I will just leave my road race pads on it (they've not come off since ZCON Memphis) and that takes one re-configure task off the list. I'd really like to come-I have a certain instructor from upstate NY I'd like to get more seat time with and another from Marietta, GA! It will likely already be snowing in Syracuse, so 1 tuff z may have his car in mothballs by October. But, I'd be willing to split a plane ticket to get him there.... We will see what I can pull off, but I may be sleeping a lot on the couch this fall. Everybody's still asleep at my house from a party last night. Heading out to the shop to make some progress...

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