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240SX TPS mounting bracket for 280Z(X) TB

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While implementing Megasquirt I wanted to keep the engine bay as stock as possible, but wanted to use a TPS instead of the AFM.

I bought a new 240SX TPS (throttle position sensor), which looks almost identical to the original TPS (throttle position switch) but has different mounting spacing. To overcome this problem I designed a simple mounting adapter, which I'd happy to sell if anyone else is interested. The mounting spacing for the TB is 70 mm, the mounting holes for the TPS are M4 and pre-tapped! I can confirm that the Beck/Arnley 158-0507 is mounted perfectly using this bracket.

Since expected quantities are quite low, I can't purchase with bulk discount and the final price will be €19.99 each. However, I will be shipping them anywere for only €3.99 (US/Canada as well)!

You can get more info at http://borsjewebdevelopment.nl/z/ (note that the page is still under development, but ordering works fine).





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