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280zx Low rpm miss

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So, I have a 1982 280zx N/A that is completely stock. I bought the car with a half way done clutch job, so unfortuantely, I've never heard how it is supposed to drive. Ever since I've had it, it has had a really bad miss, but it seems to be at low rpms only. The car doesn't have to be on the road, I can simply hit the gas in neutral and make it miss. I have a video of it here I hope it comes through well. The problem goes away if I hit the gas hard enough. (I didn't make a video of this, but I can do that tomorrow if its needed) It has new plugs, wires, and distributor cap. I have also calibrated the AFM with the water test. I also replaced the gaskets for the fuel injectors (completely separate problem that has been solved) I've spent hours, and I mean hours looking for a vacuum leak. I found a couple very small ones, but nothing major. Unless I'm completely missing an area of the engine (which is possible I suppose) then I don't think I have a vacuum leak. I just need some direction. I was thinking maybe the vacuum advance or something? I'm really not sure. I also plan on checking fuel pressure tomorrow. Some direction would be great. If there is anything that I forgot, feel free to ask. Thank you.

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Have you done these yet?


1. Compression Test - should be pretty equal to each other varying by 5-10psi at most, you're looking for equal compression not high scores here.


2. Fuel Pressure Test - should be 32psi with vacuum hose off and then it should drop in pressure as it is vacuum referenced.


3. Ignition timing - get a timing gun on it and check what your timing is currently set at 800rpm idle. I believe base timing should be 8-10deg for N/A L28.

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