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First time AutoXing my 240z

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Went to an Autox yesterday with my 240z for the first time. It's been a long time coming with this car, as I recently also drove it back from CA to IA. The fast cars were running 51-52 seconds, My fastest was a 56.2 but I hit a cone. Not bad at all.


I am not new to Autox, I have been racing my Subaru pretty intensively the last few years. I'm open to all criticisms. 



1970 240z, L28 from a 280zx w/ SU carbs and MSA 6-2-1 header to 2.5" all the way back, 5 spd, sectioned struts and coilover springs (250lbs front, 275lb rear), STI rear diff, rear disc brake conversion, 15x7 wheels with 205/50/15 toyo r888's. Car is completely gutted with a dash, center console and 2 bucket seats with a harness.


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Shift light is set to go off at 5700 rpm. This engine has the EFI 280zx cam where it really doesn't make more power after that. But my tach was falling out so I really don't know, you can see it fall out at the start of the second run. The last run I captured I had it ziptied in place kinda. 


I generally will shift at 5500-6000. The last two runs I actually stayed in 2nd except for one area where I went into third. The first few runs I shifted into 3rd too much and lost time. 

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