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Tony D

I got Robbed...

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I'm TDY in Singapore on a long term project that has been extended several times. 

Had things gone to original plan my return ticket was into LAX at around midnight the night of the robbery! I would have driven the rental right up to the yard while they were in the act.

This is my preferred scenario for some gunfight action. Murrica :D

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No guns, wouldn't want to attract attention. I can do what I want "three strikes you're out" style and have the holes filled before sunrise.


Don't get caught robbing a man with a Kubota L260 and 2.5 acres of barren dirt and old cars to push over your new grave to explain no weeds growing there...


Like I told the code enforcement guy: "I'll bury you and your county vehicle so deep even my dogs won't dig you up!"


I think it's time for me to watch "Legends of the Fall" again....

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They are disturbingly quiet.

At the advice of my insurance agent, I'd changed the status of the house to a 'seasonal abode' meaning I was intending for it to be unoccupied for extended periods.

The adjuster wanted some 'proof' that I was indeed in the house when I last said i was, and that was a bizarre request IMO given I'd clearly given the company notice it was 'seasonally' occupied.

Facebook is as good as anything chronicling my time there.


It's one of those things I'll have to follow up on now that this job is over and I have some real time to gather my thoughts.


Along with the "Bunghole Boss" from 1999-2002 who pulled a theft by conversion number on my 401K plan and walked off with over $10,000... Uh, I'm not dealing with his excuses. I got a big packet in the  mail in response to my phone call.... I'm turning it all over to the SEC and let them flay and skin his corrupt ass!

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