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CCW Classics, 5x114.5 17"x11.5" and 17"x10" with tires

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I have my set of CCWs for sale that I have had on the car for about a year.  I have had the car garage kept, 1 track day, pristine condition.  

17x11.5 rear with 315/35/17 Nitto nt05 tires(80%)

17x10 front with 275/40/17 Nitto nt05 tires (60%)


Fronts have center caps rears do not. 

These are 3 piece

Lightened faces. 

Asking 3000.00

I am located in Houston, Tx.












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I am selling because my exterior set up is changing.  I need different offsets to fit the new body kit that is going on the car.  Rather than rebarrelling the wheels at 1/2 the price of new wheels. I am selling and buying new wheels.... I will probably regret it. 

No issues with rubbing. 

Wheels are in excellent condition. 

PM sent with info  on the wheels.

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Texis30O, at the risk of dragging this thread off topic, could you please provide a link where you describe your 5-lug setup (front and rear) enabling these wheels/tires to fit?  I recall mention of it in the wheels/tires/suspension sub-forum, but the huge plethora of keyword search-hits makes it frustrating to find actionable information.

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