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replace fuel damper with other type or FD....

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I recently discovered that my fuel damper is sweating gas....    


inline ones like the stock ones seem to cost at least 70$ (for a bosh that's like ours) and as much as 150$ for OEM ones.


I've seem some cheaper ones, but they weren't inline..  most are types that you screw right into the fuel rail.  


I was wondering if anyone had ever tried to take one of the screw in types and added it to our system, with a t-junction along the location of the original damper...?




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Best you just put it on the rail, that's where the big pulsations come from...

And yes, JeffP tried it in multiple places and ended up on the rail as a matter of convenient inspection. (Plus he repiped under the car in 1/2" Stainless so.....)

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hi tony.


thanks for the info about the location.


however, does JeffP have a stock fuel rail?  cause I'm thinking the closest you can put a damper on that fuel rail is around where the fuel filter is.  what kind of damper did he end up using?


I'm not certain I get the "bed under the car in 1/2" stainless)...  but I get that having to go under the car is a drag...

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