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OBD II Scanner Recommendations

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My son is moving out and taking his OBD II scanner with him so it's finally time to get my own.  My issue is that there are som many options it's not clear which way to go.  Here are my general guidelines:

1) I really  don't want to spend more than $100 but want to be able to get as much diagnostic information as possible in addition to the "code".

2) Do I go with a standard style hand-held unit or  one that is bluetooth compatible with my smart phone?


What should I get and why? Pro's & con's either way?




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I've had a few times it hasn't wanted to connect, just unplugged the adapter and tried again. No problems with sleep mode though. App does like to stay running in the background though, usually have to exit the at and then check to make sure it actually closed. They are alot of forums for extra PIDS and dealer only functions that you can program in. I mostly use mine for watching sensors on Powerstrokes and diagnosing problems

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