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All Japanese Classic 2016. Photos.

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^ Yep. On the new Z Registry. Was at last week A&W Classisc Cruise night representing. We had 13 Z -cars there. We're finding new Z members weekly. Been meaning to come over but have been really busy. Hot weather has meant a lot of Pool time as well :D


Richard Boyk

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Coffee, cruises,  car shows and more. Huge Datsun scene in the lower Mainland. Lots of 510's and Z cars are coming out of the woodwork.Probably going to be some local Z Cars Autocrossing next year as SCCA now has a Heritage Class especially made for Mid 70's and earlier Sports Cars.


Go to Face Book and check out the  BC Z Car Registry. You can sign up there, or PM me and I'll give you the Club Presidents contact info. https://www.facebook.com/British-Columbia-Z-Car-Registry-640817985972949/


Sept 17th we are supposed to be heading up to Whistler for a Z Car Show. You're more than Welcome to come along. I don't think the Official announcement has been made, but it should be any day now.

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Next year the organizers are looking for a bigger site. They had to cut off entries at 200. Next year they are hoping for 300+. This was the first year it was opened up to ALL Japanese vehicles. Previously it was Datsun's only.


I think one of the big reasons for the amount of Japanese vehicles in BC, is that back in the early 70's, Vancouver Port (  Annacis Island ) was one of the main shipping Ports on the West Coast of North America. A lot of Baby Boomers bought them back in the day and became Datsun enthusiasts. Many of us worked at Dealerships or Performance shop and Raced, Rallyed or Autocrossed regularily. We passed this passion on to our kids and now a new generation is discovering them.


It's amazing the attention that these cars attract... from old and young.mzxmAZIj9fhfYY8SAmYpRHw.jpg

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