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ka24de pistons and rods r200 mustache bars and build parts

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i have a full ka24de with manual trans and ecu also has a small t25 turbo with the manifold installed..sold

also have 1000cc injectors for the ka sold

forged wiseco and eagle rod combo 9:1 700$

2 r200 mustache bars 1 is missing bushing 90$ for the good one 80$ for the one missing the bushing

stock 240z radiator (has a small thing dancing around inside. I'm sure it can be removed with a flush 30$

inner cooler came off an s14 has a small hit (didnt affect performance) 70$

ka24de/sr20 mount kit sold i prefer not to ship the bigger items send me a personal message to discuss shipping









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Bosch ev 14 injectors I have a fuel rail original part owner gave me unsure if it will fit the rail I can include it with the injectors

Pistons are 89.5 it's in one of the pics up top

If you search up injectors for the ka these will automatically show up

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