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240z gearbox disassembly and reassembly info

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Hi all , I have this 5 speed gearbox.

I'm interest open the gearbox to see the conditions if all is ok.


For open ( remove front and rear bell ) is necessary some particular tools ?

For reassembly in necessary particular tools ?


Anyone have the service manual or info/instruction to proceed?












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I think that the Service instructions you want are here, in Part 1 - http://www.classiczcars.com/files/file/20-1970-71-240z-factory-service-manuals/


Pretty easy to open for inspection using normal tools.  Some special tools required to disassemble it.


I took another look at your picture and don't think that that is an early 240Z 5 speed.  Might be a later model competition 5 speed.  Can't remember the details of how to tell (there are threads on this forum - search competition 5 speed) but your shifter mechanism is the newer "B" style, not "A".  So any of the other 1977 to 1983 5 speed instructions will tell you how to open it up.  I'd go with 1983.  Your rear case looks like a later ZX style.  But your output flange is odd.  Might be a hybrid transmission.  Might be a truck transmission.  Doesn't look a like a 240Z transmission.  And it looks like the cases have been split recently, they're clean and different color.




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