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Hello from Northern California

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Always used Hybridz for a resource and quick reference, and i know that all of you here are just as passionate about your Z (or Zs) as I am. I haven't really done much posting on here though. So what better way to start then through a introduction.


Had my 1970 240Z for 8 years now, kept her stock for many years, then about 2 years ago, I began to freshen her up. Currently on a home built rotisserie in the garage, built frame rails, built new floors, fixed as much rust as I could, POR and undercoated, and soon enough I will be putting in her new power plant.

During the past year plus, I have been rebuilding and very slightly modifying a R32 RB26 for her.


Here's a few pics of the work I've done. Sorry that the first pic is sideways. I don't know why it won't let me turn it. I'm not the most tech savvy.post-44598-0-78339800-1474360410_thumb.jpgpost-44598-0-11502900-1474360428_thumb.jpgpost-44598-0-29027700-1474360455_thumb.jpgpost-44598-0-15116100-1474360503_thumb.jpgpost-44598-0-88999000-1474360519_thumb.jpg

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What kind of Z do you have?

Any pics?


here is my intro: http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/126224-norcal-n00b/

and my build page that i started: http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/126226-280dread/


right now they are identical, but I just got a bunch of parts and plan to spend all of next week working on it so hopefully there is some progress

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