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New here. Always loved Datsuns since i drove a 80s 910 (known as a Nissan Bluebird in my parts) when i first started driving. I have been meaning to build one for a long time and recently picked up one. I plan to do a 'full' restoration/build. 


What I bought: 




What i have done so far. 




My ultimate goal is a 600ish rwhp 2JZGTE VVTi mated to a Aisin AR5 with an OBX LSD in the back. But for now I plan to aim for 400 on stock internals with the stock turbos.


My parts arriving this week are: 


  • From JPNGarage
    • BC Racing coilovers
  • From Z Car Depot
    • Front Wheel bearing Kit
    • Energy Suspension poly-bushing kit
    • Tie-rods and ball joints
    • ST Suspensions sway bar set (front and rear)
    • weather stripping
    • Rear disk brake conversion kit
  • From Silvermine motorsports
    • Front brake upgrade kit (these are the Toyota big calipers)


My aim for this weekend and next week is:


1. Scrape and recoat underside

2. Put suspension and brakes back together




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