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93-98 Quest/Villager VG30E Swap

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Hello! Been a while since I've been here; Last I posted, I had an S130; Sadly, that met its end at the hands of an unlicensed driver dropping an unsecured load off of a truck. Since then, though, I've inhereted a new Z, a 1985 Z31 nonturbo. Sadly, it'd been run by a someone who saw engine maintenence as 'optional' and at 143k miles, the original timing belt took a dump and the engine ate its valves. I could rebuild it, sure, but I've always been one of the lazy types. To sum it up, I've managed to get a lead on a totalled '95 Quest that won't pass a structural inspection to be retitled as salvage, but the engine is fine. I know the Villager/Quest engine makes less power because of its less agressive cam profile, but that's secondary to me getting the Z31 rolling under its own power again. I've not seen the Quest's underside, so I'm asking here before I go trailer it: Is there any barrier to the Quest engine slotting directly into the Z31? I know I'd have to move all of the accessories, intake, exhaust, etc. to the new motor, but is there anything fundamental- oil pan dimensions, the different oil pump/filter location,  different bolt pattern for the flywheel/flexplate, or bellhousing?


I'd love to be able to get this thing back on the road while its original engine is rebuilt, and since having someone haul it away is cheaper than paying the environmental fees to have a scrapper take it, it's almost a free engine for me. Which is the best price for an engine. Also, apologies if this has been asked a million times before. I couldn't find anything in search about it. I suppose because it's seen as sort of a step backwards for most people.

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