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Another wheel group buy!

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As of now, I am NO LONGER offering group buy with Rota.  Their sheer lack of customer support has hindered us from getting wheels because I am a smaller dealer.  I have a few orders in now, and cannot get a hold of anyone over there!  As those who have already placed orders with me, know that I have been trying to get in touch with them to either place orders (meaning I haven't even paid them), or get updates on orders (that have already been paid).  I don't know what kind of company that doesn't even want to take orders!  This is seriously making me very angry, and in the many years of being in business, I don't see how these guys even survive.  

For future buyers, unfortunately if they don't shape up very quick, then I will no longer offer these wheels.  



Hey guys,


I just became a dealer for Rota, and MST Wheels. 


Is there any interest in wheels?  Unlike my other group buys, I must have a few sets ordered before I can complete.


So I'm just gauging interest on (if anyone) wheels?


The MST and Rotas are SEPARATE.  So In order for it to work, I would have to have enough orders on one or the other.  Let me know!



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Hey guys, we've bene really busy with the Black Friday stuff, and we have a very small issue as far as Rota goes.


Basically Rota thought we were having all the wheels shipped here, and I would ship them individually.  However, if I did that, it would kill it in shipping.


So currently I'm trying to figure out what we're looking like as far as shipping goes.  


I have not forgotten!  Just been really busy.  I've been getting hella messages about it.  Give me a little more time, and I'll keep you fellas updated!

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Meh.  Here's the deal, Rota isn't the best company to deal with.  I have a HZ'er order a set of wheels, and it was a total PITA to get in touch with them.  I was trying to GIVE them our hard earned money, and they were kinda unresponsive.  We are a small shop, so basically since I'm only ordering a 1-2 sets of wheels at a time, I'm kinda the small fish (which is understandable).  But money is money right?  But they don't seem to be like that, so literally in order for me to make something happen, I have to order 4-5 sets of wheel at a time for them to even care.  


So, realistically, I would love for this GB to just die off lol.  However, as I am committed to you guys (not really you guys, I'm more committed to having a hand in one way or another in building bad ass Z's lol), I will gladly do my part in helping you save some money on wheels, but I would much rather have a few guys lined up.  


I just dont' like taking deposits on this and that until we have XX amounts of orders.


Please let me know, and I will do my best to contact them.

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