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1978 280z 2+2 parting out (SOLD)

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Hey guys, I've decided to part out my '78 280z 2+2 as I really just don't need it sitting around anymore. Most of the parts are available, except for the engine. I'm in the middle of moving at the moment but wanted to go ahead and post this. Let me know what you might need and when I get settled at the new house I'll start sorting through all of the parts.




EDIT: Here are pictures of what I have:




Wiper motor, blades, fittings, etc. post-49039-0-52385600-1488926145_thumb.jpg


Rear bucket seat. One or two small tears. Needs cleaning. post-49039-0-45992700-1488926185_thumb.jpg post-49039-0-74962000-1488926238_thumb.jpg


Door/window hardware: door handles (upper and lower), window handles, hinges, arm rests, . post-49039-0-38795500-1488926284_thumb.jpg post-49039-0-05882500-1488926324_thumb.jpg


Original clock. It works. post-49039-0-62369100-1488926361_thumb.jpg


Steering column cover post-49039-0-46935700-1488926399_thumb.jpg


Steering column. Ignition. Turning signal mechanism. Antenna motor. Bay light. Some EFI stuff. post-49039-0-16663200-1488926442_thumb.jpg


Door trim. Emblems. post-49039-0-38277800-1488926787_thumb.jpg


Engine bay reservoirs. Rear view mirror. Side mirror. Headlights. Turning lights. Rear lights. Intake pieces. Rubber bumper ends. Brake booster. Drain hoses. Roof light. Drive shaft. Rear quarter windows with latches. And more. post-49039-0-37058000-1488926902_thumb.jpg


Lots of labeled nuts and bolts. post-49039-0-56316300-1488927006_thumb.jpg


Door panels. Front lower metal panel. Interior plastic. post-49039-0-08525900-1488927061_thumb.jpg


Heat shield post-49039-0-03373200-1488927103_thumb.jpg


Front grill. Other body pieces... post-49039-0-38780700-1488927145_thumb.jpg post-49039-0-94907500-1488927197_thumb.jpg post-49039-0-71306400-1488927240_thumb.jpg post-49039-0-29832500-1488927275_thumb.jpg post-49039-0-31055200-1488927404_thumb.jpgpost-49039-0-70861200-1488927438_thumb.jpgpost-49039-0-97968600-1488927366_thumb.jpg post-49039-0-75829500-1488927485_thumb.jpg post-49039-0-20974100-1488928787_thumb.jpgpost-49039-0-60505600-1488928852_thumb.jpgpost-49039-0-87671800-1488928887_thumb.jpg


Middle dash bezel with lights, vents, etc. post-49039-0-54718900-1488927539_thumb.jpg


Wiring harness post-49039-0-10451500-1488927611_thumb.jpg


AC control bezel post-49039-0-37777500-1488927645_thumb.jpg


Transistor module? post-49039-0-80946700-1488927697_thumb.jpg


More door trim, blower, etc. post-49039-0-52272500-1488927730_thumb.jpg


Dash with gauges, etc.  post-49039-0-52522500-1488927787_thumb.jpg post-49039-0-75328300-1488927820_thumb.jpg


Rear deck hard cardboard with brackets, etc. post-49039-0-49096500-1488927867_thumb.jpg


Steering wheel and horn pad post-49039-0-22781400-1488927895_thumb.jpg


Close up of lights and an MN47 head post-49039-0-21905800-1488927920_thumb.jpg


Close up of bumper rubberpost-49039-0-31797200-1488927985_thumb.jpg


Seatbelts (I have to keep the AFMs and ECU) post-49039-0-14004700-1488928028_thumb.jpg


Drop down resistors, bay light, etc. post-49039-0-23531400-1488928066_thumb.jpg


Center console with lights, etc. post-49039-0-85938400-1488928105_thumb.jpg post-49039-0-63961000-1488928125_thumb.jpg


Louvers and AC parts. post-49039-0-84001000-1488928256_thumb.jpg


Skid plate, other panel... post-49039-0-89205500-1488928282_thumb.jpg


Trim pieces and plastic panels  post-49039-0-59572300-1488928321_thumb.jpg post-49039-0-74738000-1488928353_thumb.jpgpost-49039-0-11264200-1488928389_thumb.jpg post-49039-0-52567500-1488928521_thumb.jpg post-49039-0-85264700-1488928619_thumb.jpgpost-49039-0-55471700-1488928659_thumb.jpg


Gas tank fill hose pieces post-49039-0-66670300-1488928423_thumb.jpg


Ford taurus fans post-49039-0-93120700-1488928482_thumb.jpg


Suspension post-49039-0-54652000-1488928547_thumb.jpg post-49039-0-05339800-1488928592_thumb.jpg


Some random stuff. post-49039-0-86156900-1488928916_thumb.jpgpost-49039-0-51600500-1488928937_thumb.jpgpost-49039-0-85166600-1488928971_thumb.jpgpost-49039-0-72373700-1488929012_thumb.jpgpost-49039-0-10420800-1488929039_thumb.jpgpost-49039-0-67041000-1488929077_thumb.jpgpost-49039-0-14730400-1488929131_thumb.jpgpost-49039-0-59657600-1488929172_thumb.jpgpost-49039-0-52343900-1488929208_thumb.jpgpost-49039-0-27032900-1488929259_thumb.jpgpost-49039-0-57082700-1488929315_thumb.jpgpost-49039-0-09049200-1488929352_thumb.jpg

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Im interested in the dash if its not cracked, the clock if it works, the rear bucket seat back depending on condition. 


Hey Don, the dash is cracked, I'm not sure if the clock works but can possibly test it (definitely if I can find the wiring diagram), and from I remember the rear bucket seat back is in good condition. No rips, tears, etc.

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Hows the floor pans? spare tire well?

Door panels?



Floor pans are good. Spare tire well is gone. I welded in a flat sheet. I believe the door panels are good.the carpet is gone. I can take pictures soon. Just got the 280 to my new house.

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Looking for parts for my 1971 240z. 

I need hood hinge on passenger side, front valence, front parking lights, carbs, door panels handles, seats and bumpers front and back.

Can you help?

I believe I have most of that. I have seats but they're ripped. I can take pictures soon.

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Hey i was wondering if you have the trim panels for the A-Arms that ride along the front window above the dash.


I'm not 100% sure I know which piece you're talking about. Are you talking about the metal trim piece that screws into the dash and runs across it? Or the A-pillar plastic trim pieces? I'll have to double check for either of those. I should be starting to sort through that stuff this week -- I'm still unpacking kitchen and bedroom stuff.

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Hows the floor pans? spare tire well?

Door panels?




I do have a 280z 2+2 5-piece, black, cut-pile, sewn-molded carpet kit for sale. It's still new and was never installed. Asking $150.

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What shape is it in? Color? Pictures?



Shape of the car as a whole?


The car came with me from Mississippi so it's a little rusty (the floor pans are still good).

  • The rear hatch area was rusted and removed.
  • The rear lower quarters were rusted and removed.
  • The rockers are pretty rusty.
  • The battery box area was rusted out and I repaired it with sheet metal.
  • The wheel well area was rusted and I repaired with sheet metal.
  • The front fenders are good.
  • The roof is good.
  • The hood is good.
  • The doors are good.
  • Floor pans are good.
  • The color was 611 (wine red metallic).
  • The interior is black.
  • It's an automatic transmission
  • The carpet kit I have for sale is black and it's new.


Pictures of the car before organizing and going through parts:









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Really hard to tell what's going on with the carpet. What does 5 piece mean?


The carpet kit includes 5 pieces of carpet that will cover the entire floor. It's like this kit




Compared to a 9-piece like this that has shock tower and wheel housing carpet.



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