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Need wiring help- (87 NA nistune eccs in 85 car)

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I have recently rebuilt the VG30E that is in my 1985 300zx, NA and automatic.  It was a stock rebuild with a rebuild kit except for the cams, which were replaced by a Wolf Technologies AZ314-000S1.  Because of the new cams I also opted for a 1987 ECCS  with JECS#: A18-679 M83 with nistune installed.


The engine has been assembled for a couple weeks now and it's still having problems.  It will fire and it seems like the timing isn't set right.  We have gotten it to run long enough to hopefully break in the cams, but it has rpm fluctuations under throttle and wont idle.


The current thinking is that there is a problem between the new ECCS and the 1985 wiring harness but we have tried changing some pins that we thought were incorrect, like the injector wiring into the ECCS, and it performed worse after.  We are back where we started.  There is also a possible problem with stock map installed with the nistune software and whether or not that is affecting it.  We are using the stock bin file for a 1988 NA automatic and don't know if that could be causing a issue


Any help or advice would be much appreciated.


If there's anything else that would help find a solution, please ask and I'd be happy to answer.

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