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Mig welding stainless steel

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I know how to mig weld carbon steels and my gas tank is 75% Argon 25% CO2 but I thought I would try my hand at welding together a new SS exhaust system for the Z. I have the ER308L stainless steel wire already, do I have to change the tank over to 98% Argon/2% CO2 or can I get by with the 75/25 ?



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My understanding was that not using tri-gas would end up with a weld joint that would eventually rust. If the piece isn't going to detriment from a little rust then no problem, but if you want the stainless property of rust resistance then tri-gas was the way to go.


Definitely different, I believe we had to play with the settings on the welder which we were using to do a couple mild pieces further down on the exhaust, different intensity and speed needed.

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