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Coolant Banjo Bolt sealing woes on turbo. Any suggestions?

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I have a GT30 turbo and the coolant feed banjo bolt leaks.  I tried to anneal the copper washers that came with the bolt but it still leaks so I bought these washers that have rubber on the inside of them




Will these work or does the turbo get too hot to run these rubber washers so I need the copper ones?





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how did you anneal them, it's not the same as  annealing iron/steel... in fact, the process is the direct opposite!


To anneal copper you heat it red hot with a torch and then drop it in chilled water.

DIRECT opposite of annealing iron/steel alloys. If you let it air cool, you HARDENED the copper washer.

Don't know what you did, but thought for the record it might be helpful to point out this important difference.

I've annealed copper crush rings countless times and reused them. Rarely will I buy new anymore.

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I heated the copper rings until it got red and let it cool off.  That didn't work so I bought 10 new copper washers and it steal leaks ridiculously bad.  I have the copper washers on both sides of the bolt but it is always the same result.  The top crush washer leaks at a rate of a drip a second.  Can I use the rubber washer in place of the top crush ring that is further away from the turbo?


How tight do I need to tighten the fitting?  I have them tightened pretty tight and am afraid I will strip something if I go too hard.


Bought a new banjo bolt and more washers so let me see how that goes.

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^^^Yeah, that hardened the washer...


Crush Washers are very high pressure tolerant when clean. Make sure what you're assembling is clean clean clean, and torque the fittings properly to seat the banjo into the copper and the copper against the clean dry turbo machined surface.

I have seen turbos with the old crush washers stuck on them, where people tried to seal over another washer...doesn't work!

Blow everything off with contact or brake cleaner and watch exactly where the leak comes from...it may be from somewhere else and migrating to look like it is coming off the crush washer.

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