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Cobra GT3 Bucket Seats

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Hey Guys,


Thought I would share some info on seats that I purchased last winter. They're not cheap but they fit perfect, are comfy and are a sport classic style. I'm 5'10", 210 lbs with a wide back and I love them. They aren't like racing buckets so anyone wanting support to the knees wont like them.

Got them from a company in the UK. They are made to order and come with or without headrests along with other options such as leather, colors etc. They were brutally slow to get, apprx 3 months but it was winter so that was ok.


I have no clue how to attach a link to the company but if you google www.sportseats4u.co.uk The model is Cobra GT3 Historic Bucket Seats.


I will attach two pics from their site showing them in an S30 as they're better than my pics and a few of my pics showing the use of the factory 72 240z rails. Basically I used some steel plates to adapt the narrower mounting points of the Cobra seats to the factory floor mounts. Knocked out the studs that hold the factory rails to the 240z seats, elongated the holes and bolted the rails up with a couple big ass washers as spacers. Following pics will explain better than I can.











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