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Stronger motor mounts

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Seems to me,there was an article on here about using poly jeep motor mounts similar in dimensions to Datsun mounts?


I don't have a stock motor mount anymore to compare to, but I am using poly Jeep motor mounts to hold a 7M-GE in my Z. I took some measurements off it, if it helps.




The bottom stud is centered pretty good and about 1/2" diameter. And the slots are for 3/8" bolts.


This is the mount I have. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/ens-2-1102r/overview/

When I got them I knew I was making my own parts so I literally just went through the entire list of motor mounts and picked the ones that I felt would allow the easiest disassembly. I wanted to make the car easy to work on, which is why I built a bracket to use a poly GM transmission mount on the back of the R154 transmission.

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Different product out there can be cast to what ever you want and cure to a nice product you can replace dam near every bushing in your car with. Some 2 parts can even be poured they are so thin before they cure. Flexane is a popular one ive seen, 2 part box liners, windshield urethane.... The shore ratings are different for them all, some even available in multiple strengths. The possibilities are endless.

I didnt know a product like this existed packaged/advertised towards the car crowd. Thanks for the link!

Not nessessarly stronger than rubber, but depending on the rating it could be stiffer. When OP says he wants stronger mounts i assume he means stiffer. Id bet most of us are not putting down the kinda power that makes engines leap from the bay.

Thank you

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My question as well. The idea that the OEM mounts were going bad after 6 months is hard to believe. The ones in the race car are 3 years old and are checked often. The ones in the street Z are even older and they're fine.


How the mounts are at idle or at 3000 rpm aren't a concern, I'd like to know what it's like going up to 7000 rpm, down to 3000 and back to 7000 in a matter of seconds at WOT.


My car hasn't been running for a while now, so I cant say.


But the oem mounts weren't bad. They were worn from when they were new. And I could feel noticeable play in the drivetrain causing a drag/and clunk feeling between up and downshifting. Most Z people probably wouldn't think much of it  since these cars are prone to having really severe "Clunk" issues. But I daily drive mine, and it is really noticeable to me, even if its slight.


You can see on the stock mounts the rubber separates from the side on the metal quite quick, causing more engine movement.

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On 4/19/2017 at 8:51 AM, hansonsaid said:

how's the feel after a few months?

I pulled them out, they were NOT good for my build. IMO these are for a car you intend to race/autocross.




On 4/25/2017 at 9:51 AM, NewZed said:

The transmission mount is the third engine mount.  It's also designed to reduce fore and aft movement.  Something to consider if you're trying to reduce engine movement.

I am looking into designing a new mount for the transmission as the stock insulator does a good job of reducing vibration in the car, but it has too much give at the same time.

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