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Starting 1jz vvti outside of car help

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Hi all I would like a quick run down of the wiring schematic or any kind of help to get this 1jz started outside of the car.


Came with all wiring stock from factory as well as ECU.

ECU has four plugs and is a jzx100 motor. Etcs


What wires do I need to hook up to get this baby to run

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Power to ECU

Switch for Ignition

Switch for starter

ECU to fuel pump

Power to fuel injectors

Power to coils


Make sure to run a ground from the motor to the battery and attach all chassis grounds to the motor or to the battery.


If I remember you need the fuse box and relay box to make it work properly, but you might be able to bypass those with inline relays.


Be careful. This is a good way to burn up a harness if you don't know how to read a wiring diagram. 

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Good luck, the 1jzgte wasn't sold in a lot of english speaking markets, Canada and the UK come to mind, although I'm not sure how many of those were just straight imports instead of dealership sales which means no TSRMs in english. Best bet is to just find a pinout and trace the wires and see if they are the same. Google search brings up a few. 


Why are you trying to start the engine out of the car?


This took about 20 seconds to find...



In that same post how to start a jzx100 1jzgte out of the car...


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Thanks for that video! I had not found that before.


Reason for starting outside of car is because... well no reason to start inside of car because a lot of custom work being done. Want to get it running on it's own and then do fitment...this that and the other with the motor pretty well taken apart. Once I get it started I can extend wires and have an idea of what will need to to be done to the car.


Car is having engine bay painted and lots more and don't want to be trying to get motor started and dealing with that inside a fresh painted engine bay, just easier outside of car.

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Probably a better idea to fit everything and then disassemble and paint before final assembly. Going to be a real bummer to find out that your mounts hit the steering column or your intake manifold or turbo contact the strut tower and needs some massaging via a hammer to a nicely painted bay.

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