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who is or isn't running a transmission cooler?

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So getting into this part of my build and want some feed back from you guys


Was going to just block off the transmission cooler lines and let it be for now. just a street car for now with no big plans on racing it for awhile till it's built for that and i decided to go strip or road race. i've seen some guys say it's worked great for them, other swear you gotta have one.


So who is or isn't running 1?

how's it working out for you?

If you are, what are you running to make it work?

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Just my opinion, and its free so take it any way you want.  The number one failure of automatic transmissions is heat.  No matter how easy you are on the car the trans will get hot.  Also I think you have to have at least a loop for the cooler lines or the pump may dead head.  


Run a cooler, at least run the one in the radiator, it works as a pre heater and cooler.  If you do not have one in the radiator run a thermostatically controlled one. maybe mount it behind the diff with a fan built in.  Put a gauge in it and see what the temps run, I think you will be surprised.  


We just did a finned cooler on a 32 ford with a turbo 400 and a giant pan.  So for almost no money it at least has some cooling.  

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Ok. so put one on it. Now the hunt is on for 1. that will fit and work and not be a real PITA to get hooked up and mounted.


has anyone tried or had any luck with the tube style coolers? plate style with a fan is the best but if i can't get one of those to go might have to use a tube style.


Radiator will not have one. its just a old recored unit for now to get it driving.


also, what are the fitting sizes for the lines down there? gonna need to screw in some 90* fittings and get rid of gm's clip style connections for sure. she's tucked up tight to the tunnel, no room for that style hook up

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