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Carbs to FI - 9/71

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Sorry I let this thread for dead, but swap is complete . A lot of things could have gone wrong here but somehow the L gods were good to me and it all came together. The N42 bolted up , but I worried about the lack of support for the inner runners 3&4 where they bolt to the head. I've had no vacuum leaks so it must have seated well enough. Ive shaved off .050+ off this head , no shins. I dropped the cam (towers and all) from the top of my workbench, No leaks - no real issues , just fun tuning - on a laptop!!

The driving experience is a bit different . The Mikunis seem to hit harder during WOT , but the EFI is right there - it comes on a little less linear as far as power.

No raw fuel smells !!! Quiet in tank fuel pump!!

Tuning is much more fun and a lot less work .

No looking back for me. Need to get to the dyno and see how the numbers look.


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