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As you can see I am new to the forum, but not to the automobile world. I currently own a 1989 240sx with a JDM Front end swap. Before I owned this car, I built up and owned a 1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass with a bored 455. 


For fun, I am either working on my 240sx (can be seen as a headache), or taking photos of automobiles, as that is one of my hobbies.


I am looking to hopefully get into a "Z", sooner than later as my father used to own one when I was a baby, but sadly it was totaled years ago.




30471061233_27e8cd65fc_b.jpg20161123-_JDM1333 by Justin S. (Underworld Media ), on Flickr

31277832835_93a038bd05_b.jpg20161123-_JDM1312 by Justin S. (Underworld Media ), on Flickr

31736442335_d58e0ab38f_b.jpg20161218-_JDM2385-3 by Justin S. (Underworld Media ), on Flickr

30413895684_7f475ffb1b_b.jpg20161123-_JDM1264 by Justin S. (Underworld Media ), on Flickr

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