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An "updated" Introduction.

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Hey all,


I signed up on the forums a couple of years ago when I first got, my car, but unfortunately the project took the back seat to the thing we call "life".   So... I figured I would re-introduce myself.  My Name is Zach Arlen, and I currently live in Concord, North Carolina.  I restore classic cars for a living at Backyard Legends, a new restoration shop in our area.  I've been building/restoring cars for customers for the last 6.5 years and have had a hand in many many awesome vehicles.   Anyway, I own a 1975 Fairlady Z that I've been waiting to build for quite some time.  Well, that moment has finally come.  I am currently having an artist working on 3D renderings of the car, and will beginning the build next year!  Should have the renderings sometime in January.   Until then, it's all about reading and learning on the forums.  I hope I can share my own work with you all sometime in the near future!  Here's a couple of photos of what I am starting with.  






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