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Converting From EFI to a Holley 1976 280Z

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Hello fellow Z enthusiasts,


I am on the hunt for a few things regarding the fuel system and I would like some guidance.


First things first, I will be doing a fuel surge tank setup. Somewhere, at some point, I saw a beautiful system that had been run off the stock tank and laid out in the spare tire well that had been dynomatted with blue/red -AN fittings. If someone knows which picture/forum/thread I am referring to I would love the link as I know it answers all of my questions.


But if it cannot be found, I am asking if there is truly a difference between buying Jegs or Summit or another generic branded item vs. Aeromotive or another name brand that would warrant the price tag difference for a converted L28 that isn't hopped up? I, as well as every other car enthusiast, have aspirations of 500HP monsters under the hood. Realistically that dream is years in the future and I can cross those bridges when I need to.


So what would you all recommend to run using the stock tank to convert to carbs from EFI on a surge tank setup? Any insight is much appreciated, thank you.



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