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280z Body Kit

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Hey guys,


Finally bought my first Z car which happens to be my first ca as well. This one is in really good condition, but there is one issue.. The custom body kit on it (see the attached photos). Apparently, it was one of two made for the 1978 International Car show. It is a high quality job, but to me, the fenders look very ill fitting to the car. So in my mind there are three options:

1. Cut the fenders completely off and install ZF flares.

2. Modify the fenders to fit better.

3. Find some wheels that actually fit the car. I want to keep the stock suspension, so they can't be crazy wide and big.


What do you guys think?









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Not only does the kit look too wide, the angles at which the flares come off the body is also strange so it doesn't look like you could modify these enough to achieve nice fluid lines on your otherwise beautiful Z back again. I agree with rturbo 930: start with a clean slate. Your end result will be much cleaner. 

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get rid of the real bumper and rear wing and newer wheels to fit the wheel wells better maybe lower vehicle.  i really can't believe they kept the rear bumper on.  This was the cool look for late 70's early 80's

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