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z31 300zx engine swap

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Firstly I was wondering what engines would fit nicely with no fabrication that aren't the original engines. Then if thats not an option how about a list from the least fabrication to the most fabrication. Thank you. Budget is floating around somewhere around 5k. This car is going to be my daily driver as well, so can't be too expensive on gas, but I also want it to be fast as possible.

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LSX gets my vote! RB's can be bolt in affair too(good luck getting parts in the U.S when in a pinch). There's a couple 2jz kits floating around. All these options require some type of fabrication ranging from light to heavy. The LSX swap mount's are the swap none nissan engine mounts you can buy off shelf. I'd only go LSX  over any of these routes if you're dead set on doing an engine swap. Just a fair warning you'll go through that 5k quick fast & in a hurry on any swap. What's your realistic goals? Anything up to 575-600whp, The VG is more than enough in stock bottom end form. Any where near that power range you wont be getting the best MPG's

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