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1972 240Z Steering Rack Bump Stops

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I have a 1972 (July) 240Z.  Can anyone help with my steering rack disassembly.  I have what I am going to call rack stops that are steel rings about 35mm OD on each end of the rack.  They seem to have some type of rubber that can be seen on each side at the ID.  Does anyone know if these are just pressed on and can be removed and then reused.  I want to be able to finish disassembling my rack but the stops are causing a problem.  I have tried twisting but they do not move.  I do not want to destroy them.  I believe this came from the factory as I am the second owner of this car and purchased it back in 1977.




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They are just pressed on.  Just twist them while you pull and they will slide off.


If you still have trouble removing them, then use the rack housing to push them off.  To do so, you could place a clamp collar around the shaft between the rack stop and the end of the housing and then turn the pinion to push the rack stop off.  Another option would be to remove the pinion so that the rack shaft is free to float in the housing and use the housing like a slide hammer to drive the rack stop off.

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