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240mm clutch/flywheel on 2 seater

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This might not be true.  No offense.  Lots of manufacturers out there.


You are correct, I had it backwards the 240mm is shorter. Clutch fingers sit a little further out on the 2+2 and Turbo. 


The right had one is a 240mm set up and the left is a 225mm set up. (Datsun OEM parts) OP did not post a brand. 




It will take more than a correction to offend me Zed Head, thanks.

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Not normally in a clutch kit. The throwout bearing does come with the kit as shown in the lower right part of the ACT picture of the kit. 


The pic I uploaded does show a TB on the top of both collars. The collar is what the fork pushes on to release the clutch. 


Shorter one on the 240MM as the overall "height" of the plate / pressure plate is more than the 225 mm.  At least for stock clutch parts from Nissan.


I do not know the overall "height" thickness of the ACT clutch. You might inquire about that, before you get it all bolted in and find you need the other collar. JMHO.


Here are the collars with out the TB's mounted on them.







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Search "92mm" or "92 mm" and other clutch words and you'll find some threads about making sure what you end up with works.  The fork and slave cylinder and master cylinder all give essentially the same stroke, no matter what transmission or clutch is being used.  The key is to get the starting point right.  That's determined by the collar (where the fork sits) and the pressure plate "fingers".  It's that stack height that matters.

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