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Need help on what to pay for a 280ZX Turbo for swap

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#1 CamanoS30

  • LocationCamano Island, Washington

Posted 6 days ago

Long time since I've posted (If I ever have, actually), but I need some real help.

I am looking into the future of my 71 Z, and would like to go the 280ZX Turbo drivetrain route. I have located a 130K, 10/82 build date, unmolested example. It has sat for a long time, but the only thing 'wrong' with it as far as I can see with a cursory look, is that the rear hatch glass and the driver's side rear quarter glass (in the B pillar) is broken, and that the cats have pissed inside it. Non digital dash, 5 speed, engine is stock, all the way to the factory air cleaner. Body has some rust, and it has 2flats, and was not treated nicely while pulled up not a flatbed hauler. Doors shut with a nice solid thunk, and it all there.

I was told to "Make and offer-there is NO title'.

I'm thinking I'll start at $500. If he says no, I'll sweat him. It's been there for a long time, and he has no real idea of what he has. He talks of restoration, but after 2 sentances, it's obvious he has no knowledge of the details of this car. Actually tried to tell me it is a twin turbo car. I just smiled and said, "Wow. Cool."

If anyone thinks I'm starting from the wrong place, let me know. Feel free to text me directly at 425-330-1447. Many of the body parts are in good shape, (lights, rear panel, etc) and I am super willing to get parts of the ZX to those in need, for prices that are worth your while. Shipping, although, is not in my control, and I will need to be compensated for the time I will spend in protecting your parts. You will see it's worth it if you have me send you something.

Thank you.


#2 NewZed

  • LocationWashington County, Oregon

Posted 5 days ago

Thought I saw a reply to this already.  


Looks like a decent deal.  People seem to be happy at $600 - 1000.  You might consider what you're going to do with the body after you strip it.  Even the salvage yards require a title, I believe.  You might be breaking some laws.


And you're not supposed to be selling parts unless you donate.  And use the correct forum.

#3 CamanoS30

  • LocationCamano Island, Washington

Posted 4 days ago

Thanks for that. I'm very much not new to the un-titled vehicle disposal process, and have already acquired the VIN to check it for potential 'issues'. As far as selling parts, you are WAY ahead of that possibility. I do not even have this vehicle, yet, nor have I made any offer.

This was ONLY a request for info, as I had no idea what to offer for it.

#4 seattlejester

  • LocationBellevue, WASHINGTON

Posted 3 days ago

500 seems like a decent start, I wouldn't spend more then 1000 on it unless you knew you could recoup the cost. Turbo wheels seem to hold some value depending on style.


I would honestly consider scrapping it after you pull the parts that are worth anything, granted ZX parts minus the front struts, rear axles, differential, brakes, calipers, engine, transmission etc aren't worth much.

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