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VG30 Stanza swap

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i am starting to wish i started this thread here instead of the maxima forum but ill link to my thread so whoever wants to help out can get a really good idea of where im at. 

as for my current and primary question, has anyone ever relocated an oil filter WITHOUT using the original filter location? i will likely have to completely block off the stock filter location on my block with a plate that will also be a mount and im wondering if the feed fittings that are elsewhere in the block will be able to handle this operation. i am not afraid to drill and tap them out to larger holes if need be, i just want the stuff to work. i was also considering running a cooler so if that is a good or bad idea to do in addition to this please explain why if you dont mind. thank you.


here is the thread in its entirety: http://maxima.org/forums/3rd-generation-maxima-1989-1994/695655-turbo-vg-swapped-stanza.html 

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if that link doesnt work then you can just google "turbo vg swapped stanza" and it should be the first link.


its much easier to look through the thread than for me to explain but basically the original mount places the engine in the exact center of the engine bay so i need to make a new mount in order to move the engine toward the passenger side of the bay, unfortunately the oil filter location is immediately behind the rear engine mount which means the custom engine mount will occupy the same space as the oil filter location. the only real way for me to retain this oil filter location is if i make some kind of frame mount from rods or something to give as much room as possible and im not sure i will have enough room. 

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i already made a custom crossmember but the rear of it can only mount in the center of the body of the car, there is like a pocket back there for it to go, i showed how i made the crossmember in the thread, i didnt know the maxima crossmember was off to the side until i put the motor in a few days ago lol hence my mounting issue. i suppose i could modify the crossmember again but i would have to put a huge zag in it for it to end up where its supposed to be and i think it would be easier to just make different mounts at this point.


heres the pics im about to add to the thread



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nvm i realized i have a much easier and even cheaper way of dealing with this. i can actually make a mount that bolts to the rear part of the crossmember that reaches forward as far as i need the engine to be and use the stock engine mounting bracket, that way i can use the original oil filter location (for now) and get the motor located so i can square it up and get the other mounts made. i took more pics ill post everything when its finished. 

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