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SCCA ITS to Vintage CP conversion and restoration

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As one of our many projects, FHPTom and I are currently restoring a 72' 240Z.  It served as an ITS car in the San Francisco region I believe since the 90's. We rescued it from becoming a chopped up wide body conversion.




We have been documenting the build on our S30 Motorsports Facebook page.  We intend to essentially restore the car to full race form and also convert to a tribute vintage CP car.  Car is being built to SVRA rules which are nationally accepted and we are upgrading or replacing everything related to safety and reliability.  It has a fresh 2.4L, close ratio 5 speed, and a locked 3.9 rear.  Current plan is to race it, sort it, then sell it with an extensive spares package we have collected.



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Road Atlanta is out of my normal range with VIR a 12+ hr trip. Luckily enough work takes me to a site not more than 6 miles from the track so my tow gas bill is covered as are my hotel and meals.


I might have some new work sites further south so perhaps we can run together before you end up selling.

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