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Vapor Tank or Delete

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I am working on my Aug 76 280Z, using stock cleaned up fuel tank


I have not posted much here lately, but would appreciate your opinions on whether or not

to retain vapor tank in a swap from Bosch FI to Carbs.


I have a NA Stroked L28 with 45 Webers, and am using a low pressure fuel pump from

an older RX7 and plan to run it without a return line.


My thought is to vent the tank to the fuel filler neck - What has been the most successful approach?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.


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It has been done many times but as Neverdone says you will need to get a vented cap or make yours vented with a tiny drill. You just want enough fresh air coming in through the vent that will keep the fuel pump from crumpling the gas tank with suction and on the other side to release a little pressure on a warm day when the car is at rest.  If you keep the 3rd fuel line that runs up to the engine and vent it into the air box then you won't have to vent the cap at all.


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